Tracey Wynter

Dating Coach & Expert On Finding Long-Lasting Love, Founder of Conscious Love And Relationships

Hi there!

I’m Tracey Wynter and I am extremely passionate about helping men and women who are at the stage of their life where they want to finally find the love of their life.

I specialize in helping people uncover and overcome what is holding them back from finding long-lasting love, so they become ‘relationship ready’, date more effectively, and finally find The One!


For as long as I can remember, I had always been single. I never had a boyfriend in high school. I dated a couple of guys after leaving school, but it only ever lasted 1-3 dates. I finally had my first “proper boyfriend” when I was 19.

We lasted 3 months.

Little did I know that this “3 months” would be the longest time I spent in a committed relationship with someone for another 20 years!!!

If I had known that when I was 19 I think I probably would have given up on love all together!

During those 20 years I kissed a lot of men (doing the party pash was always a safe bet for me), dated a lot of men, and even had a couple of boyfriends (who usually only ever lasted about 2 months). In my early 30’s I also had a “casual” relationship with someone that spanned over a 2 year period (I wanted more – but he didn’t) and I was also infatuated/addicted to a particular person for basically all of those 20 years that I was single.

Safe yes, satisfying no!

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I used to feel like everyone else got the chance at love except me. I longed for love, but it always seemed out of reach.

I used to think…….

Why me?

Why am I always the one that’s all alone?

Why can’t I find love?

Is it because I am too fat or not attractive enough?

Is it because there are no decent single men out there?

Is it because I am too picky (the good old excuse we all use to try to justify why we are single)?

The truth is that during those 20 years I did meet a lot of beautiful men – but I usually made some kind of excuse not to be with them. I didn’t realise that at the time though. I saw it in a completely different way.

It seemed that all the men that were interested in me, I didn’t want, and the men that I wanted weren’t interested in me.

What a horrible merry-go-round to be on!

I wanted to be in a relationship so much, but at the same time what I was really doing was pushing it away. I also tended to fall for men who for some reason or the other were unavailable to me.

Sound familiar?

I started to think that love wasn’t for me. I thought that I would probably be single forever, so I shifted my focus on to helping other people and became a qualified counsellor and coach in my early 30’s.

However there was still a huge longing inside of me to find love. The saying “It is better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all” kept ringing through my head and made me feel even sorrier for myself. The heartache of being alone and not feeling loved was getting too much to bear.

I saw an advertisement for a weekend workshop on relationships and it told me that I could find out the reason why there was a lack of relationships in my life. I thought woo hoo, finally I might be able to turn my love life around – but it didn’t turn out to be a quick fix for me.

It took me on a profound and emotional journey of self-development. I thought I had developed myself over the years through self-help books and various courses and workshops, but this new adventure took me on the journey of a lifetime!

I spent another 4 years of additional training which was intense and challenging. I began to understand myself and other people in a way I could have never imagined.

I finally found out the reasons why I was single – and they shocked me!
It was definitely not what I expected!

I was also able to understand relationships in a totally different way and I got to truly realise what it really meant to live and love consciously.

While seeing clients in my private practice I decided that I needed to take my search for love to the next level and put all my focus and attention on love. So back in 2011 I created my business Conscious Love And Relationships.

I started to hold Conscious Singles Dating Events. I created these nights mainly because I wanted to go to an event where I could possibly meet someone – and there weren’t any around like it – so I created one! At these events I also lectured on ways to date more consciously in order to find true love.

I thought to myself, in order to teach other people all of this stuff, I need to be doing it myself – 100% of the time! So I developed specific exercises for me to do in order to prepare myself for love and I came up with a number of key strategies to use while dating in order to meet the perfect person for me. And I followed them to a tee!

Within 3 months of using these specific exercises and strategies I met the man who I have now been with for nearly 10 years

I prepared myself for love, put myself out there, and actively dated with this new information. Within 3 months of doing all of the exercises and going on about 6 different dates (while dating in this new conscious way) I ended up having a date with a beautiful man named Carl.

I dated him in a very specific way and 2 months later we became exclusive.

I finally got over that 3 month mark! I had been keeping a special bottle of red wine that I had been given as a gift 8 years earlier to open when I finally reached the 4 month mark. That bottle finally got opened – and it tasted all the sweeter for it!

We eventually moved in together, and just over 13 months after our first date, Carl proposed to me. We were planning a short engagement, however 3 months later I fell pregnant with our first child.

Fast forward to 2021 and we have two beautiful girls together who are now 5 & 7 and I also have 2 wonderful step kids who are 14 & 18. Woo hoo! How things have changed.

I am what is considered to be an ‘older mum’ and had my kids in my 40’s. And I say that to let you know that it IS possible and to not give up on your dreams!

That all being said, I do remember the time that I had to come to terms with the fact that I may not be able to have the family that I wanted. I was 38 at the time and the chance of having children of my own seemed like it might not come true. I was getting older and I still hadn’t met the person I wanted to have a family with. Every birthday would come around and I’d think, wow another year has gone by and I am still single. It was so depressing. When you want to have children of your own, coming to terms with the fact that you might run out of time to be able to do that is really hard.  I did get to a place of acceptance with it, but it turned out that I didn’t need to because I then found out what was stopping me from finding love and I dated in a different way, and I now have a wonderful family of my own.
I would never have believed in a million years that I would be in such a beautiful, loving and extremely easy relationship

I spent way too many years alone and spent way too much money on self-development to find love (well over $50,000).   You don’t have to spend as much time, money or heartache as I did! There is an easier way!

And that is why I am so glad that you have found me! It sucks feeling like you are never going to find the one. It’s horrible and heartbreaking. And it is equally as heartbreaking if you are always in relationships – but the wrong ones. I am here to tell you that it is possible and I can’t wait to help you find long lasting, easy, love.

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