Let’s talk about the three areas of life that you will need to focus on if you want to find love!

And when I say finding love, I do not mean any ordinary love like just finding a boyfriend or a girlfriend or just dating to see how it goes. I mean you need to focus on these three areas if you want to find the love of your life. The type of love that lasts a lifetime! Here we go:

So, what should you do? Watch the video or continue the article below to find out.

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# 1  – Discover and overcome any underlying issues

Discover and overcome the underlying issues that are stopping you from finding love. Do you have any underlying issues? Yes… you certainly do!!!

We all have these underlying issues. There is nothing wrong with having them. We have had them for a very long time.

The problem is that we do not know that we even have them until we do some work to discover them, and unfortunately, they have a huge influence on our life!

What are some of these things that I call underlying issues?

  • Our unconscious beliefs about love, men, women, and relationships. We developed these hidden beliefs from a young age and are generally negative in nature.  These hidden beliefs affect us on such a deep level that they are going to stop real love from happening.
  • Some of these beliefs can become so strong that they become a commitment that is locked deep into our heart. I used to have a belief that I was meant to be and will always be alone.  It had a big impact on me for such a long time that it ended up turning into an unconscious commitment – I was actually committed to being alone, even though I wanted a relationship.  So, did that stop me from having a relationship?  It certainly did!
  • Our fears also stop us from finding love. Let’s face it, some fears we are aware of – we might be aware that we’re scared of getting heartbroken, of being rejected, or we might even feel scared of not feeling good enough for someone to love us.  We also might be utterly scared that we are going to be alone for the rest of our life! (A feeling that I used to know so well…)
  • But we also have unconscious fears that we are not aware of (just like our beliefs). These fears stop us from moving forwards towards love.  They can also make us act and behave in certain ways that prevent us from finding love or that turn people off us.  This is called self-sabotage.  We end up sabotaging the chances of having an amazing relationship – which is crazy right? – because you want one with all of your heart!

That is why really delving into each of these areas is important if we want to find the love of our life and have a good and easy relationship with them going forward.


#2 – Know your relationship requirements

Become crystal clear about the type of relationship that you need to have in order for it to work for you. For you to feel happy, loved, content, fulfilled, and satisfied.

These are not the list of personality traits or attributes to a person that you would like to attract – you may have done something like that before.

(Having this type of list might help you to attract a person just like that, however they might not have the qualities that they need to have, to be capable of having the type of relationship that you require.)

That is why having a list of relationship requirements is essential.

What do you really need in a relationship? What does a really good relationship look like to you?

We can all get in the habit of attracting the wrong person and having this relationship requirements list will help you to be more focused on the type of person that you will be able to have the best relationship ever with.


#3 – Date consciously

Date in a conscious way to find the right person.

If you have the list of all your relationship requirements, then you can use this list to ascertain if the person you are dating will be able to meet all these requirements in a relationship.  It makes making the right choices in dating so much easier.

Most of the time when we date, we do it in an unconscious way, and we can find ourselves getting swept up in feelings of chemistry when we are super attracted to someone.

We start actively trying to focus on all their good points and ignore all of the red flags that are in front of us!

We might be shown that they are not capable of being in the type of relationship that we must have, but you know what? We do not really care, because “oh my god, this person is amazing, and they make me feel so good”.

But then you get swept away with those feelings and you begin a relationship with the wrong person!  And this relationship will usually end sometime down the track. It was destined to end anyway!

Then you go on and do the same thing with the next person, and it can keep you in a big vicious cycle.

We must be really conscious about the way we are on dates and who we choose to move forward with.

There are the 3 things you will need to focus on to find long-lasting love! Now, you don’t have to have all of them down pat – you don’t have to have everything worked out in order to find great love.

But, if you can have a look at each of these areas, and at least pick one of them to work on, then it is going to give you one huge, big leap towards that amazing person that you want to find.

If you want to find out more about this, or if you want to hear more from me, then please visit my website www.finallyfindtheone.com, and subscribe to receive my emails – that way you will not miss a thing!

Even though you might not believe it right now…

I know that you CAN, and you WILL find love.

Bye for now! X

Tracey Wynter is the founder of Finally Find The One.  She helps people discover and overcome the underlying issues that stop them from finding love, gets them relationship ready, and teaches them a new way to date, so that they can finally find the one.

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