Today I’m going to talk about the ‘3-day rule’ in dating and if it’s still relevant or not in today’s age of dating.

Back in the day it was very popular. We all know about it. You needed to wait three days before you contacted someone after having a date with them or meeting them, because you didn’t want to act too keen. But is it still relevant today? Well let’s find out……

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So why use the 3-day waiting rule at all?

Well, we were taught back in the day that you should wait the three days before contacting someone because you didn’t want to act too keen because they might not like that or you might put the other person off, and you might want to play hard to get so they would want you more.

That used to be one of the golden rules of dating back in the day. Now for me, when I talk about the 3-day rule, it kind of sounds like a bit of game playing is happening… doesn’t it?

And I believe there is no room for game playing when it comes to dating and finding the person that you want to be with for the rest of your life.

I remember doing the 3-day rule back in my 20s, because that was the thing back then, that’s what you did, and I remember doing it both ways. Waiting for that someone to call me, (and usually they would call on that third day because everyone was so conditioned that you don’t act too keen, …. and if they didn’t call on that third day you usually knew that they weren’t going to call you at all).

And if I was going to contact someone, I would also wait those three days to call them because I didn’t want to act to keen. It wasn’t that great – particularly if you really did like them. You DID want to contact them earlier, so you ended up going against what you really wanted to do.

Now, in life we want to be with someone who is authentic, honest, open, and vulnerable – because they are the characteristics that help you have an amazing, healthy, lifelong relationship. So why not start using them in dating straight away!

If you really like the person and want to see them again, then tell them. I always recommend at the end of the date that you let the other person know where you stand. Whether you like them or whether you don’t like them. Whether you want to see them again or whether you were going to wish them well on their journey towards finding love. So, if you do like them tell them straight away.

There is nothing wrong with sending them a text later that night when you get home, or later the next day telling them why you had such a great time and would like to set something up again.

Particularly in this day and age of easy texting. And if someone does have a problem with that or does get offended by you contacting them straight away, or they don’t like it for some reason, then you know what – they probably weren’t that keen on you to begin with. So, no love lost there, even if it’s disappointing, pick yourself up and move on because they weren’t the right one for you anyway.

It is very beneficial to lay it all out on the table, there is nothing wrong with it at all. And again, as I mentioned before, if you are not interested in someone then please tell them straight away on the date so that they are not at home waiting for those three days before you magically contact them, or they try to contact you, please tell them straight away – it’s only fair.

You don’t want them secretly hanging on to be hearing from you. That’s horrible. We don’t like that to be done to us, so we don’t do that to other people.

To cut the long story short – in this day and age with easy texting and easy contact, and wanting to be open, vulnerable, and honest (because that’s what we need to be in a relationship), then no, I do not think that the 3-day rule is relevant anymore or should be used. We have no rules or no room for game playing – when we want to find long lasting love with real connections.

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Get out there and start dating because even though there might be a small part of you that has given up on finding love, I know that you CAN and WILL find it.

Bye for now!

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