So, you’re single and you don’t want to be! But, what if I told you that being single presents you with the best opportunity of your life!

So, what is this opportunity you might be asking? Well, let me tell you how this opportunity will change your life.

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When we are single, and we don’t want to be single, we can tend to look at being single as not ideal. We can see it really negatively.  And we can find ourselves saying things such as – “all the good ones are taken”, “there’s no one left out there”, “what is wrong with me” – all of those normal types of things. And then on the other flip side, there are those people that think “Oh my god, being single is amazing. I get to do things whenever and with whoever I want. I don’t have to tell people where I am. I don’t have to take responsibility for anyone.”

Some people can tend to talk a lot about the positives of being single in that way (but I think that when you’re talking like that, it is coming from a place of being a little bit resentful). Obviously, things haven’t gone well in past relationships – that’s why you’re feeling so much “freedom” being single again. But that’s not the type of positivity that I am talking about.

What I’m going to be sharing with you is what most people don’t think of doing at all, and don’t realize that it is such an opportunity while you are still single. And this is why…. because when you are single, you have got the time and the energy to devote to properly getting ready for love.

Now, you’re probably saying, “Oh my god Tracey, I am so ready for love, that is why I’m reading this right now. Of course I’m ready!” I always thought that I was ready as well – but it turned out that I wasn’t REALLY ready. There are things that you can do to help you find someone quicker than what you would if you didn’t “get ready for love”.

It can also help you to really determine if the people that you are dating or that you’re starting a relationship with, is actually the person that you can spend the rest of your life with. So, if you do these things, then it is going to set you up for a relationship that lasts a lifetime and that is an amazing one.

So, I kind of think if you’re single, and you’ve got the time, why not do this? This is the BEST opportunity of your life. So, grab it and do it! You may be thinking “what are some of the things I can do to get ready for love and to take up this opportunity”?

Some tips on how to get ready for love

1. Discover the negative beliefs that are blocking you from finding genuine love

Well, one of the things that you can do (and this is the biggest thing that holds us back from finding love), is our beliefs. We have so many negative beliefs running around in our heads about love, about relationships, about men, about women…. and we are not even aware of them (otherwise if we were aware of them, then they wouldn’t hold us back) – but they do!

Therefore, it would be wise for you to use this time and energy to delve into all the stuff that is holding you back from finding love. That is the first thing that you should do.

2. Have a look at a your life and how you want it to be

The second thing is to sit back and have a good look at where you want your life to be. What does your future life look like? What does your future relationship look like? You also need to have a look at what your values are. What is really important to you?

Values are very important because you don’t want to be with someone who lives in opposition to those values – otherwise there is always going to be problems in the relationship. And in addition, if someone doesn’t have a similar life vision to you, then that is something that is also going to create problems later down the track. It is very important to get clear on those things.

3. Become clear on your requirements for a relationship

Another important thing to do is to become crystal clear on your requirements for a relationship. These are the things or events in a relationship that need to happen in order for a relationship to work for you. It is not a list of personality traits or physical attributes of a perfect partner. (I don’t necessarily believe in those type of lists.) But I do believe in the power of a list of requirements. These are non-negotiable requirements, almost deal breakers if you like – of what you will and won’t accept in a relationship. It is super important!

It is also very handy to have a list of your needs in a relationship. Your emotional needs, (how you feel loved) and your functional needs, (what needs to happen within a relationship on a daily basis in order for life and a relationship to work). And let’s not forget the icing on the cake – we should also have a list of your wants and desires in a relationship.

If you’ve got these lists together, then it is going to make it so much easier for you when you are on a date to see whether they are right for you or not. Because what can happen, is that we tend to get swept up in all of the chemistry and attraction that is happening, (and add in to that our strong want and desire for a relationship), that we will just kind of dive into it and think ‘we’ll just see what happens, this feels right”.

But, a lot of the time it wasn’t actually right in the first place, and if you had these lists in place – your requirements, your needs, you wants, if you knew your values, your life vision, if you got your head clear of those negative beliefs…… then you probably wouldn’t have started that relationship in the first place!  Because you knew that they weren’t going to be The One.

But what usually happens is that we start the relationship anyway, and of course it ends up ending (whether months or years down the track). And we don’t want to waste time, do we? So, let’s use this time right now for you! Use this as the best opportunity of your life to REALLY get ready for love, so that you can have that amazing love that you desire.

Now, if you are thinking “but Tracey, this seems a little overwhelming and I’m not sure that I can actually do those kinds of things to get ready for love”. Well that’s ok, because I am here to help you. Something I recommend you to do is to pop your name down on my VIP wait list for the program “Get Ready To Finally Find The One”. In this program I will go through everything that I have mentioned above…. and much more!   This course will get you in the best possible place (probably for the first time in your whole entire life), to meet someone. Get on the VIP Waitlist now by clicking here so that you can be notified when the next course is coming up, and if you do end up joining the course, then by being a VIP you will receive a special bonus.  So please do that right now!

Even if there is a small part of you that has given up on love, even just a tiny little bit, then don’t, because I know that you CAN and WILL find love.

Bye for now!

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